Go Green With Homegrown Microgreens

Now it's easy to have your own indoor garden! Grow microgreens every week. Just add water once.

"This is such a fun new routine for our family. And it's great to always have fresh sprouts in our home."

- Gabriela in GA

"So thankful I can finally grow some food in my apartment! Thank you!"

- Meranda in FL

"My daughter loves her Grow Kit. She thinks it's so magical!"

- Amy in NY

How It Works

It's a subscription! Skip or cancel any time.

Start With the Grow Kit

Plant + Harvest Every Week

New Seed Quilts Delivered To Your Door

How To Grow

It's really simple!

Pour Water In Tray

Place Seed Quilt In Tray

Press Down On Seed Quilt

Harvest In 7-10 Days

What to Grow?

All kinds of microgreens! Seeds are non-gmo

Easy Harvest, Instant Fancy!

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