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Radish microgreens on avocado toast

Radish microgreens on avocado toast

Radish microgreens on an egg sandwich

Radish microgreens on an egg sandwich

Type of Seed Used: Daikon Radish (Organic)

Typical Uses: Put in a salad, on a sandwich or blended into a smoothie.  

Growing Radish Microgreens With HAMAMA:

Radish microgreens are crispy and spicy.  They are the fastest growing flavor HAMAMA offers, being ready to eat after only 7 days!  Just follow the simple instructions - Add water to the grow tray, plant your Spicy Daikon Radish Seed Quilt, and pat down to wet.  

Radish microgreens are a bit older than radish sprouts but still provide that great concentrated flavor and greater nutrition.  

Radish sprouts require more effort to grow because you have to rinse them twice a day to ensure that mold or other nasty things don't grow.  Growing micro radish with HAMAMA is the way to go because you only have to water once, and let your microgreens kit do the rest!

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