How to Grow a

seed quilt in the FARM Kit

Recommended for Indoor Use
(Grow Year-Round and Ditch the Outdoor Pests!)



Unpack the Farm Kit by removing the
Seed Quilts, protective foam sheet, and instructions.  


Pour 3 cups of water into the tray, over the white plastic riser. This is enough water for the entire growing cycle - you won't have to add water again! 

Pull one Seed Quilt and coco mat from packaging. Place coco mat side onto riser so seed side of Seed Quilt faces upwards.

Press Seed Quilt to wet. Top of Seed Quilt should not be submerged. Water level should be to top of coco mat. Adjust water level if necessary.


a few days later...


A ballooned Seed Quilt™.

Four to six days later, sprouting seeds have pushed against cover, ripping or ballooning the Seed Quilt™.  Either remove the cover pieces or let it be. The plants will grow and push them out of the way!

Peel away cover pieces and compost them in the food and yard waste bin. Place tray with uncovered sprouts in a sunny window, in a room with overhead lighting, or under a desk lamp. 

Seven to ten days later, the sprouts have grown into lush microgreens. Hold tops of microgreens with one hand. With other hand, cut stems. Rinse the microgreens with water and enjoy!




Hold tops of microgreens with one hand.
With other hand, cut stems 1/4" above the Seed Quilt™.  Rinse the microgreens with water, then eat as a salad, snack, or garnish!

There are so many ways to enjoy your homegrown microgreens! Get inspiration here or inspire others by sharing your creations on Instagram or Twitter with #hamamagreens.

After all are harvested, compost Seed Quilt™ and coco mat in food and yard waste bin.  
Wash tray and riser by hand or in top rack of dishwasher.


Now, do it again!

Try a new Seed Quilt™ flavor or grow more of your favorite.