Frequently Asked Questions


About the HAMAMA Subscription

How does the HAMAMA Subscription work?

When you purchase a MicroGrow Kit and subscribe to Seed Quilts, HAMAMA ships your MicroGrow Kit and your first month of Seed Quilts within 4 business days for $26 + $4 S&H. When you subscribe to Seed Quilts and do not purchase a MicroGrow Kit (because you already have one), HAMAMA ships your first month of Seed Quilts within 2 business days. The first month of Seed Quilts will include 1 Organic Daikon Radish Seed Quilt, 1 Red Acre Cabbage Seed Quilt, and 1 Salad Mix Seed Quilt. After this first month, you'll recieve a month's worth of Seed Quilts every month for $12 + $2 S&H. Every month, you'll receive an email requesting you customize the Seed Quilt flavors you would like by logging into your account and updating your preferences. The default preference is the "Variety Pack," which is 1 Organic Daikon Radish Seed Quilt, 1 Red Acre Cabbage Seed Quilt, and 1 Salad Mix Seed Quilt. Seed Quilts ship the first business day of every month, and you have until the 20th of each month to update your flavor preferences. Cancel or pause your subscription anytime.

How can I change the type of Seed Quilts I get every month?

Every month, you'll get an email reminding you to login to your account, where you can see your subscription plan. In the "Your Subscription(s)" section, CLICK "Edit." Then, make your flavor selection under "Choose New Product." CLICK "Change" to submit your flavor selection! Ssubmit your preferences for the next month's delivery by the 20th of each month. If you don't change, you will receive the default Variety Pack of Seed Quilts.

About Microgreens

What are microgreens?

Microgreens are the seedling versions of vegetables and herbs you know and love. Kind of like sprouts, but a little bit older. Broccoli, kale, basil, radish, mustard, bok choy, watercress, chives, and more can all be eaten as microgreens. And guess what - they're actually even MORE flavorful and nutritious per bite than the regular versions! Microgreens make a great addition to every meal - sandwiches, omeletes, stirfries, salads, smoothies - you name it.

Is it organic?

All Seed Quilts contain non-GMO seeds, and some Seed Quilts contain organic seeds. The Daikon Radish Seed Quilt is currently the only organic seed offering.

Can my pets eat the microgreens grown in my MicroGrow Kit?

Yes! We aren't experts in pet nutrition, but we can tell you that we have a few pet users including several parrots, cats, tortoises, and a guinea pig named Popstar. The Seed Quilts we offer were primarily meant for humans, so do your research to see what kinds of microgreens your pets might like to eat too!

About Growing With Your MicroGrow Kit

How long does it take to grow microgreens in the MicroGrow Kit?

It's so fast! But it depends on the Seed Quilt you want to plant. For example, the Daikon Radish Seed Quilt takes only 7 days to grow, and the Salad Mix and Red Acre Cabbage Seed Quilts take only 10 days to grow.

Do Seed Quilts regrow?

No, one harvest per Seed Quilt. After you harvest, you'll compost the leftover Seed Quilt in your food and yard waste bin (industrial composting) and plant a new Seed Quilt.

Do I need to add more water as the plants grow?

We designed the MicroGrow Kit and Seed Quilts to make growing your own food THAT easy. You add all the water the plants will need throughout their short life, about 3 cups. Before the plants sprout, water is wicked up to them through the coconut mat under the Seed Quilt. As the seeds sprout, they set roots that reach the water below. Don't worry if you see the water level has dropped - just make sure it doesn't go below 1/4" high.

Do I have to harvest all my microgreens at once?

We recommend harvesting all your microgreens at once and putting what you don't eat right away in the fridge in a sandwich bag. Your microgreens will last up to 5 days like this! Alternatively, you can harvest a bit at a time over the course of another week. If you take this route make sure to add a teeeny bit of water to keep the roots happy into this next stretch.

Do I have to use my Seed Quilts right away?

No. Your Seed Quilts are good for a year in their packaging. Just leave them in a cupboard until you're ready to plant in your MicroGrow Kit.

How much light does the MicroGrow Kit need?

Low light is enough, so don't worry if your place has been too dark for other plants. If you do have a sunny window, place the MicroGrow Kit next to it. If you don't, placing the MicroGrow Kit in a room with good overhead lighting will do the trick. Note that less light your MicroGrow Kit gets, the smaller the leaves will be - but don't worry - the flavor will still be there!

Are the white fuzzies by the seeds mold?

No. Those are actually little roots! If you see brown or black fuzzies, that could be mold however. It is very rare, but if your MicroGrow Kit happens to exposed to mold in your home, you could find mold on your microgreens. If you do see mold, don't eat that batch and thoroughly clean your MicroGrow Kit with bleach before planting a new Seed Quilt.

Do I remove the foam sheet from the Farm Kit before growing?

Yes. The foam sheet between the tray and white grid is only to protect from scratching during shipping. Remove before pouring water into the tray!!! Otherwise the foam sheet will get smelly, and that is no fun.

Is there anything in HAMAMA products that I could be allergic to?

People with allergies to soy, coconut, or corn should know that Seed Quilts contain these ingredients.Seed Quilt materials contain soy and corn. The Seed Quilt rests on a coconut fiber mat, which contains two ingredients: organic coconut husk and organic latex binder.


EXPLODE with flavor!

The flavors you know and love...
radish, basil, arugula, kale, cilantro, and more...
with an unexpected kick.

Daikon Radish microgreens

Delicious AND Healthy?! Yessiree.

According to USDA research, microgreens are up to

Up to forty times more
nutritiously dense 

than their mature versions.

eaaaaaat up!


What are Seed Quilts?

seeds and grow media combined in an easy-to-plant package. No prep. No mess.


* Always the right seed density. Never a stray seed.

* MIT-engineered to create The Perfect EnvironmenT

  • Humid, dark, and damp: germination heaven.
  • Semi-opaque cover retains humidity and shades seeds.
  • Grow media absorbs just the right amount of water.
  • As seeds sprout, they push the Seed Quilt cover up, into the perfect humidity dome
  • When ready for more light, seedlings push through the humidity dome


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